Wednesday, 30 January 2013

ARISE, O Compatriot!


This book is written for the purpose of those who are not happy with the way things are going in Nigeria and Africa at large; and wish to make a change to the status quo. We hav complained enough, we have cried and talked too much about the situation for too long... nothing will be done for however long we fold our arms to discuss this problem, unless we sit up or stand up or better still, ARISE.
Please read an excerpt from my new book.
 I was putting together an article on FACEBOOK some time ago and I asked a general question to get the response of my friends. The question was; “if you were to ask Nigeria one question, what would it be?” the response were not much but surprising. Amongst other responses, one person said she would ask Nigeria if it was under a curse. I had cause to think on this line at one time too. I mean, looking at the facts stated above, it is not illogical for one to assume that this nation is under a curse. But this is not true. Nigeria is not under any curse or plague. We only need to ask ourselves what is wrong. Why are things the way they seem? A lot of citizens have given up hope and accepted the predicaments of this country as a thing of fate; drawing scriptures from the bible that supports our insubordination to British colonization. We have made ourselves believe that we are under a curse, a plague, or a sealed misfortune. But hardly has anyone bothered to consider that something might just be wrong somewhere that has called for all this in the first.

At a certain point in time I had cause to think about it. After several brooding on the issue I came to the understanding according to the bible that “…the curse causeless shall not come.” Proverbs 26:2. Then I said to myself that there must be a root cause for all these predicaments plaguing our dear nation. It is not enough to talk about it as so many people do, I choose to take conscious steps to finding out what exactly went wrong and proffer a lasting solution to the problem.

I wanted to know what the PROBLEMS truly were. So, I understudied the other problems afore mentioned and understood that they were not the actual problem; if they were, why was it that all the solutions proffered in Nigeria’s situation, which have worked elsewhere, did not work in Nigeria. This is because the assumed problems of Nigeria are simply consequences of the root cause. It is just as though a doctor is administering drugs for Malaria on a body sick of cancer. That would rather exacerbate the condition. The book of John 8:32 say, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” If we do not know the truth we would not make any difference in our pursuit of development and change. Rather, we would aggravate the situations in the country.

In the attempt to know, I, Mark Emmanuel Amechi, understood by books and articles addressing the uncommon situation of Nigeria, that a lot of people have attempted remedying the situation of Nigeria, which is good. But they have not succeeded because they proffered certain foreign remedies that are not peculiar to the Nigerian case. Every nation’s problem is unique in itself and requires a unique approach to it. Most importantly, they are not taking into account, certain procedures that are of top priority to problem solving. One of such procedures is running a trace of past events in history. We have completely isolated the events in history from the problem analysis.

My friend, have you ever wondered that our challenges as a nation today could have been based on certain events that took place a long time ago? I mean a very long time ago, I am talking about a very very long time ago. Think upon this; WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN AFRICA/ NIGERIA BEFORE INDEPENDENCE?! Have you any idea? Well if you do not, it is high time you knew your history.

In an attempt to personally find out the true and major cause of Nigeria’s predicament, I understood by books that we need to go back in time to some epochs in history that affected the course of the people of Nigeria and Africa at large. Confucius, a Chinese philosopher stated that we must study the past if we must divine the future. Nelson Mandela of South Africa, in one of his quotes, stated that the past is a rich resource on which we can draw in order to make decisions for the future. He went further to say that we should look back at the past and select what is good and leave behind what is bad. Lyndon Baines Johnson, a onetime U.S. president stated that “a nation like a person, not conscious of its own past is adrift without purpose against the contending forces of dissolution.” Another German politician noted that “a people not prepared to face its own history cannot manage to face its own future.”

You see, from the above statements, you will agree with me that it is quite important that Nigeria must look at the past critically to understand her present situation. Africa and Nigeria in particular did not just get to where they are now by mere chance or fate or whatever you would call it. Nigeria is not underdeveloped because the leaders are bad. We are not suffering because we do not know what it takes to survive. In the course of history, something happened that altered the entire development process in the whole of Africa. Now let us go back in time and ascertain what took place in Africa.