Thursday, 3 December 2015


Words are so powerful that they could either lead to or mislead from our place of success. How and what we hear go a long way to not just determine our mood day to day, but also our overall accomplishments. Such simple statements as “You can make it” or “You will lose” sink deep into the heart [MIND] of the hearer and create a perspective that with certainly influence the result of any endeavor by and large.
There are so many notions we hold on to, guiding our daily activities. Quite a number of these notions are not absolutely correct. But we hardly do anything to ascertain that before believing or using them.

We are very familiar with the assertion – “EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER”. It makes us believe that anyone with experience can actually teach better than the one who does not have it. The statement above sounds or appear to be true at face value.

But think again…

If this statement is really true, do we need to experience death before we know that “the wages of sin is death”? Must encounter failure before we know that if we don’t plan we would fail? This goes to mean that 1. Experience is not the best teacher. 2. In this present times, it is possible and better for one to know about something without experiencing it. KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY.

The place of knowledge cannot be overemphasized. Knowledge is far better than experience. Experience is a form of knowledge but it is never ideal to know something through experience. As a matter of fact it is better to know about anything before attempting to experience it. Knowledge is what makes experience interesting.

In our society people believe that one needs to be successful before you teach or talk about success – experience. They want you to first have money before you begin to talk about financial intelligence – experience. They want your marriage to be successful before you can teach about marital bliss.

It is very wrong to think so. What if the person you want to learn success, financial intelligence, or marital bliss from had a bad or wrong experience? It means that you too would get it wrong as well. We must come to understand that EXPERIENCE DOES NOT MAKE PRINCIPLES CHANGE. Whether I experience it or not, there is no denying the fact that if one plans to succeed, and takes the required action, he will succeed in the end no matter what.

So rather than wait and learn from someone who has gotten the experience, why not go for the search of knowledge concerning our desired outcome. It is very possible that the person that is giving the information may not look like someone who is presently swimming in the information per se, but if you see that he is practicing what he is saying, or you cross reference the information and find it to be true then you can begin to practice.

Take an example from Jesus Christ, he never looked like whatever he preached. He never appeared as a king, he was not a millionaire, he had no farm, or any enterprise, he was not married, but he offered the best and evergreen information on these subject matter. And we believe him. If we do believe him, why then would we despise those who have information but are yet to have the experience.

I think if I have the knowledge of what would make people rich, great or happy, while I am practicing it, nothing stops me from sharing it to those who may want to follow the precepts as well. After all, I would have hindered a lot of people who would have learned from me on the way to success, from becoming successful until after my success.

The bottom line is that we should not despise knowledge wherever, and however it comes but let us process it, try it, and make it sure irrespective of the person or channel through which the information had come.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015


For “LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”, as the main crux of our national predicament, there are so many things we may never have a taste of, until…

For many years we have been called the LEADERS OF a TOMORROW that may never come. And all we have seen is a reshuffling of old and past leaders fronting themselves as Nigeria’s “Messiah”.
The debate on why the youths have not been able to find a proper place in leadership positions (Except for hand-tools and pawned position) in Nigeria has been one without fruitful consideration. While a lot of people believe that our so-called OLD and OUTDATED leaders have been very unfair to the youths as to oppressing them of their leadership position of the TODAY-Tomorrow, a notable question that one elderly concerned Nigerian asked was this;

 “Are the youths really ready?”

IF you are to respond to this question immediately, you would say ‘yes’. But think again; ARE WE REALLY READY?

The Nigerian youths must come the UNDERSTANDING that nothing of great value drops on your laps. The youths are expecting that ONE DAY the now leaders would call the youths together and hand over power to them. While that may never happen, we still will not win the war if we go on rampage, riot, or protest.

I try to imagine;
Would it have been impossible, during the past election, if a young vibrant candidate had vied for the presidential position knowing that 70 per cent of the Nigerian population are youths, and won. Again I ask, are we really ready…?

I try to imagine again;
Will it be impossible that between now and the next two elections, we begin to prepare ourselves to vote our own young leader in? I ask again, are we really ready…?

YOU CANNOT LEAVE ANYTHING TO CHANGE AND EXPECT A CHANGE. If we must take up this ‘LEADERS OF TOMORROW’ position, then we all must look forward to putting our hands on deck, making some kind of sacrifices to see its fruition. Nothing of great value drops on your laps; you have to pay a price to get it.