Thursday, 7 January 2016


Someone once said, “In the school of wisdom, everything is a teacher” – including the ants. 

A major challenge affecting the “school of enlightenment” had been not just what to learn, but who and who to learn from, what is the scope of our yearning for knowledge, how far are we willing to go to satisfy the appetite “to know”.
There are those who have narrowed their learning only to certain kinds of books, movies, associations, music, and a few others. Reasons being that there are certain kinds of information that one must not dabble with, no matter what. There is nothing wrong in doing this, but without carefulness some may have shut the door to much of what or whom to learn from, or they may have limited their embodiment of knowledge as against what they would have known.
Since the Holy book admonishes us at some point to “…go to the ant…” and learn, it signifies that there are quite a number of things we could observe and take advantage of, from areas, persons, and things not so considered to be virtuous of them. For example, is there anything one can learn from witches and demons? The very ready answer to this is “Not at all!” But think again, and read below, you might find what I discovered interesting – if it is not, again, it is just you.

I AM NOT A WITCH but understudying witches and demons I find something very very striking about them. And that is summed up in the word “TRY”.
The major assignments of witches and demons are to steal, kill and destroy; that is, to frustrate, scatter, and mar any effort or progress of good people. I discovered that these witches or demons hardly ever bow out without a TRY. They never considered anyone or anything UNTRY-ABLE. They tried God – Rev. 12:7, they tried Adam – Gen. 3:1 – 7, they tried Job – Job 1 – 42, and they even tried Jesus – Matt. 4: 1 – 11. There had never been a time when they doubted to the extent of giving up without a try. As a matter of fact, trying for them is a lifelong exercise that introduces them to NEW METHODS of doing OLD THINGS. I believe that is why they use the word “tempt” to describe their ordeal. “Tempt” is a verb coined out of the proper verb “attempt” which may mean the same thing as “to test” or “to try”. 

It matters little asking whether they succeed all the time or not, but one thing is of great importance here – they are always attempting or tempting or testing or better still, TRYING out what they know best in doing. I think that if we should practice the same kind of attempt, and trying out on all our good endeavors without giving up too easily, we might just begin to get better results in our engagements. I have fondly quoted that “things don’t work simply because they’re meant to work; they do simply because people believe it enough to TRY it out.” And in reverse; “things don’t fail because they’re meant to, but they do because people do not believe it enough to TRY it out.”
. In this year 2016, what do you want to do? Where would you like to be? When would you like to arrive at your destination? It all boils down to how much TRIAL you give to your engagement.

Like witches and demons, DON’ STOP TRYING!