Sunday, 27 April 2014



It is so amazing how God made the world, HIS wonders are unsearchable. God builded and established the earth and caused it to operate ONLY on the platform of PRINCIPLES. Not to discriminate, favour, but to obey. It does not matter who you are, once you apply the fundamental principles of the earth it will answer for you.

For instance, the principle guiding gravity says “whatever goes up must come down” so if you throw a stone here in Nigeria, or over there in Hiroshima, it will come down. In the same vein, another principle of the earth says “SEED time and HARVEST” shall not cease. This means that if you plant any seed in the ground here in Nigeria, China, or America, it will germinate and bring fruits of its kind.

One basic principle that a lot of us undermine is that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!”

If you eat meat, you become fleshy; when you eat bones your bones become stronger. When you drink enough water, your body sustains adequate fluidity; when you take vitamin, you body gets more vitamins. If you’ve never known this before or better put; never believed this, then you must come to know it now. You are not different from what you eat. It is what you eat that makes you, you. Think about this; when someone lacks protein in his system, they do not tell the person to pray for protein to enter the body because it does not answer to prayers. All they say is “eat anything protein”. So also, when the person lacks vitamin, water, fat, carbohydrate, etc. all they do is to expose the individual to the required nutrient and that’s it.

Now, if you have found this statement to be true that means you must begin to WATCH WHAT YOU EAT! This is because what you eat can make or mar you. The materials you consume, the quantity you consume, and the time you consume it is very important to making you healthy.

God knew all these – because HE made it so – that was why HE said that “man will die if he eats bread alone” – Deuteronomy 8:3. Bread alone cannot give man healthy, wealthy, and abundant life. But the moment man begins to eat the WORD, abundant and eternal life will begin to surge into him.

I want you to know therefore, that there is a difference between reading God’s Word, and EATING God’s Word. Reading or studying God’s Word is good, no doubt. When you read it you become a show – 2Timothy 2:15. But when you EAT God’s Word, you come alive – Proverbs 4:20-22.

Jeremiah 15:16 says; “Thy Words were found, and I did EAT them… So God’s word can be eaten. Eating God’s Word does not really mean tearing pages of the bible and chewing it to belly-full, or dipping it in a cup of tea to drink. No! You eat God’s Word first through;

There is a level of time consuming search, and research you engage in God’s Word daily; with commensurate proof of such search, you can be said to have gone beyond just reading, to the level of eating the Word. There is an obvious difference between the one that reads the word and he that eats the word. They never enjoy the same status. Why? Their roots and fruits are varied. Their level of understanding is usually disparate; irrespective of the fact that they are reading from the same bible – Matthew 23:13. Only those who eat the Word get a hundred fold fruit as results. Another way to eat God’s Word is through;

Remember that the Word of God is Jesus Christ Himself – John 1:1, 14. Jesus has instructed that if we must have a part with HIM, we must ensure we eat HIS flesh, and drink HIS blood – john 6:51 – 56. When we partake of the physical activity of the communion, we set our bodies to be conformed to that of Christ. And what happens when we do that? Our eyes become opened – receiving unusual REVELATION into God’s Word – Luke 24:30-31.

It is high time you ate that which will give divine health to your body, wealth to your mind and spirit, and eternal life in general. If you are what you eat, then eat God’s Word to become god.

God bless.
Life has in it, four major successive stages. A proper understanding of these stages will help you in appropriating whichever one you are in right now. Please read with all seriousness.

All life activity for every person begins with play. At this stage life is just simple and carefree. This is when the person is yet a child – between the ages of 0 - 7. But it is important to note that at this play stage, the child is passing through installation and storage of information and character building from people and the environment. The kind of play the individual is exposed to, is therefore very important for the next stage.

At the initial point of the learning stage, life is though simple but approached with a little more consciousness than before. Here the individual is between the ages of 8 and 20. Though play stage gives way to learning; it does not mean the person no longer indulges in plays, but learning becomes more paramount than the former. However, the initial kind of play the child was exposed to, comes to influence the kind of interest, capacity and level of learning of the child in this stage. Here, character and value is being shaped and guided. But time is of great essence. One thing to note is that all the plays and learnings acquired from these two stages is what enhances the next stage.

This stage in life is a bit crucial than the previous. It is approached with utmost consciousness, diligence, etc. the individual is around the ages of 21 - 50, in this stage, there is very less play, a little of learning (only where necessary), and much of work, work, work. Work is done for three major reasons. They are; to earn a living, to cater for the family, and to provide a sustainable platform for life when retired. Work here involves working for and with people, working on and for yourself, and most especially, working ON people. The adequate plays, learnings and works in these three stages are what enhance the next and last stage.

At this fourth stage, the person is believed to be around 50 – infinitum. What characterizes this stage is that the individual is fitted to live up all three stages in one. Here the play (the mature kind), the learning, and the work is needed. For some individuals in this level, their work still takes highest place. But they still find times to play and learn at leisure. But to others, they just find themselves doing one simple activity that basically defines their play, their learning, and their work life. It is in that same work that they learn and also play. This is the ultimate definition of true happiness and must be the state everyone should crave to enter into. It is called the state of YOUR REST; not because you are tired, but because you are SATISFIED.