Thursday, 5 June 2014

I belong to the unique residual class of Nigerians who are resolute in their belief that good will come out of their nation. It’s immaterial the thoughts of people about this nation. Even though when you observe the acclaimed Giant of Africa at a close distance his movement is that of a man hanging troubled legs on battered crutches. His upraised chest is infected with tuberculosis of corruption, yes I know! He makes boast of his unending reserve of crude oil yet those begotten of him wallow in constant lack of fuel. Many his sons and daughters ponder and wonder what the measure of a Giant is for the acclaimed Giant of Africa is Forty Six yet crawling. Almost always plastered on his lips are those nauseating grin revealing his perfectly-spaced, glistening diamond teeth that speaks of untapped resources that could bring him into the place of uncommon wealth. His belly outflows with an unending reserve of black oil to the hinterlands, yet the same causes constipation and dysmenorrheal in his own bowels. The streets of this Giant have been completely overtaken by car-wrecking gullies. So that there are more gullies than motor able roads on his streets. Corruption and greed proudly adorn the head of his leaders. On every corner of the Giant’s street are religious houses. Yet the eyes of the giant are dim. His seers have lost the focus of integrity. Instead of forecasting repentance and re-alliance, they forecast pleasure and hope, in direct denial of the things to come. The hands of the giant, sure weapons of defense and protection are long deep in the mud of corruption. Such hands are too laden with filth to be raised in defense of the giant. Even when the obvious clues to murders are between the frontlets of their eyes, they’ll rather arrest N50 than a criminal. Mere men have stood where my Giant has fallen. And now, even the legs, the hope of change, the young and new generation is crippled and lay limp on the hinges of crutches. Totally soiled by the paradigm and faulty though pattern of the older generation. Its picture depicts that of hopelessness. But I REFUSE TO BE A HOPELESS NIGERIAN. I daily and passionately cling to the hope of a new Nigeria. I FORESEE A REFORMATION that will sweep through the length and breadth of my Nation. The reformation will be so profound and its effect so lasting yet it will be orchestrated outside political parties. The political parties have failed in their totality yet GOD WILL RAISE A COMPANY that will birth A NEW NIGERIA. That is the basis of my hope. That Nigeria will be the true Giant of Africa. I continually remember that “A tree that is cut down has hope, for at the SCENT OF WATER it will blossom again.” You may not believe but yet it will come to pass. Just in case you believe with me “SAY AMEN!”