Tuesday, 17 November 2015


My Fellow Citizen,
What do you think about the situation of Nigeria now? For too long we have borne this burden. For too long we have tarried in this mess. For many years we have dragged our lives through the paths of harsh and bitter conditions; with a hope of reaching something better, until we lost hope - or almost we did. We have folded our arms for so long a time and watched the decadence of our society reach her optimum, and passed. We have allowed this predicaments to linger for too many a generation now. We smile as though all is well but a baby newly born here knows the truth of the matter. While just a handful of us live in fame, all of the rest wallop in terrible shame. How much longer can we keep up with all these? The time has come for us; you and me, to do something about this.

The present situations of our city, state, and nation, has become more alarming than ever. Is there no solution aside just complaining? How much longer do you think we can hold up in this circumstance? What’s the worst that could happen if we just give in a little try? Is there really nothing you can do? Is there really nothing we can do together? If we think we can’t then we are absolutely right. But so it is if we also think otherwise. It will begin when we all say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and stand up for it. Enough of suffering, poverty, unemployment, frustration, injustice, marginalization, etc. Be rest assured that we will remain in these predicaments if we do nothing but talk; or think that someone else would do something for us.

Every situation has a solution. Know that you in particular, have a part to play in all of these. We cannot leave anything to CHANCE and expect a CHANGE. The actual problem we have in our country, which is common to Africa is “lack of knowledge." and the solution is simply the acquisition of the same. Information is the KEY. The transformation of any country is largely dependent on the quality of information available to her citizens. This means that the fastest and simplest way for all Nigerians to get out of this mess is to go for relevant information. Information that would make us better. The moment we become thoroughly informed, we become truly FREE. We must emancipate ourselves from the holds of ignorance in order to secure a better Nigeria. So be informed!

There is a small handbook, with the above title on sale around you. It is cheap and contains very vital information that would serve as catalyst to the change we truly desire. We discovered that the information contained in this book has not been known by so many people in this recent generation; and those who know about it are not doing anything about it. And until we all have this common information we might be unable to understand the gravity of the situation we are in, the root cause and perhaps the need for information as the panacea for change in Nigeria. Please I would advise you to get the book, read it and encourage others to get it. Our target is to ensure that there is a copy in every home and office across the nation, and that about 10 million Nigerians have this information. By the time we all have this information it will be clear to you what you need to do to ensure the change in Nigeria. Please get your copy now.

Change Begins With You
I would like you to believe in this transformation agenda. We have a plan and there is a part you must play. Enough of the fighting, enough of the protests. Let us take advantage of the time we are now. This is the best time we have TO ARISE. We must not let this situation pass on to the next generation without doing something. There is something you can do. Since INFORMATION is the key, the part you are to play is to get this information and read, then join those in search for relevant information that would better their lives, families, and immediate society, causing rippling effect around the nation and Africa at large. Do not ignore this collective opportunity in our hands. Join the information army of Africa and save your country from retrogression. Knowledge is what we need. Therefore, GO FOR KNOWLEDGE and encourage everyone around you to Go For KNOWLEDGE!

Please be informed that this information is solely distributed by a body of JUST concerned Nigerians who are tired of the harsh and unconducive situations of the nation that has daily affected us directly or indirectly, especially the youths.

It is important for you to note that this information is not politically or economically influenced. We are not sponsored by any political party, government parastatal, or foreign body. We have just observed the obvious situation of Nigeria and WE believe that rather than sit idle and watch the nation rot, we should do the little we can to bring about this transformation through information – and YES WE CAN!

If this information has made any meaning to you, if you would like to order for your copy of the book, or you would like to make bulk purchase of the small handbook – ARISE O COMPATRIOT, or you would like to be part of the movement for transforming Nigeria, if you want to know what you can do: please call us on +234-8025288085; or +234-8067561385.

TO find out more about us, please LIKE our Facebook pages on www.facebook.com/sownigeria and www.facebook.com/ireformafrica or follow us on twitter @ireformafrica or @scentofwatern

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